1. The company hire P&A World Venture to enhance their employees soft skills
  2. P&A World Venture schedule a introduction seminar to include
      1. PART I
        1. Introduction
        2. Personal introduction
        3. Skills introduction
          1. Getting the Why out of the equation
        4. Self-care and Stress Management
          1. Why Stress
          2. Our unavoidable brain
        5. Managing our energy
        6. How we learn and acquire soft skills
        7. Introduction to interpersonal skill
        A common language for skills

        If skills are to become the lingua franca of work and the workforce, then organizations need to create a common language and framework for skills

        PART II

        Interpersonal Skill

        Content  Options

        • The importance of communication
        • Need for innovation
        • Investment on internal talent development
        • Priority on creativity
        • The value of problem solving  skills
        • Leadership vision
        • The need for adaptability
        • Building people transferable skills
        • Creating a cohesive culture

        PART III

        Core Skills

        PART IV

        Analytical Skills

        All the principles we talk about today can be found in SkillGP. So relax, put away your pens, and open your minds. 

        We will call it successful if you find the information we will deliver. Please note success only depends on you. You are the one who can choose to take complete control of your life and open the door to new opportunities.

        Also, I am receiving quality feedback from you on the content and delivery of our seminar.

        We will discuss learning techniques, habit formation, best practices, and the necessary adaptation to transform and reach your next level.

        The tools and techniques will help you to:

        • Awareness / Assess your current use of soft skills and find your Skills Gap
        • Transformation / Define who we want to be
        • Improvement / Building a tailored continuous improvement plan
        • Monitoring and making adjustments

        Re-educate your mind –  Overcoming natural reactions and survival mechanisms in a world evolving faster than us. –  10 minutes per day, 3 times per week, with a  review at the end to reflect on your results.

        There are different realities: mine, yours, and others. Therefore, I suggest to 

        For the purpose of this seminar, we will separate  Soft Skills into Interpersonal Skills and transferable Skills; however, they overlap in many instances. 

        • Self-Care  – Body, Mind, and Souls are the fundamental blocks to develop ourselves and those around us.
        • Interpersonal- efficiently and efficient cooperation that enhances productivity and profitability 
        • Transferable /  Core-  high performance in positions of responsibility.
        • Analytical –  The merge of interpersonal and transferable skills applied toward a goal